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University Institute of Commerce And Management (UICM)


The University Institute of Commerce and Management (UICM) believes that students should be prepared to approach and solve business problems in the same way that established organisations do.

Leadership and Professional Development are integral to UICM. Individual and team coaching, workshops and industry guest talks run continually throughout the program.

Experiential learning opportunities are heavily emphasised throughout the curriculum, including a mandated internship, course assignments, and other industry-driven initiatives.



The programmes under the University Institute of Commerce and Management (UICM) are designed to enable students to:

  • Be able to grasp critical, analytical, and innovative ideas and concepts that will be useful while dealing with complex organisational issues.
  • Become capable managers in any industry area.
  • Understand organisational behaviour and structure, as well as critical thinking and analytical capabilities, communication talents, and research skills.
  • Financial and business data research, interpretation, and implementation skills.
  • Become today’s and tomorrow’s socially responsible, culturally knowledgeable, and ethically superior citizens.


Key Highlights

  • Strategic level collaboration with academic and industry.
  • Emphasis on start-ups and entrepreneurship through numerous programs.
  • Special focus on Financial and business data research, interpretation, and implementation skills.