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Students Welfare Centre

The main motto of the centre is to MOTIVATE, ASSIST and SETTLE. It seeks to motivate, guide and train all the students of the university irrespective of their social status to select the right career and make them responsible citizens. Eventually, it converts the LEARNING of the students into WINNING.

Goals & Objectives

  • To promote psychological, emotional & holistic well-being in every individual   of Guru Nanak University.
  • To harness the varied talents of the students of Guru Nanak University
  • To provide and create opportunities for students to actively participate in:
    • Intellectual pursuits
    • Social activities
    • Cultural Talent exhibition
    • Life skills & Self Development Activities

Students Welfare Centre has two wings

  • Counselling Bureau
  • Students Welfare Bureau.

Counselling Bureau

The objectives of Counselling Bureau are:

  • Life on Campus is about charting new territories and scaling new heights on an everyday basis. This experience is sometimes accompanied by uncertainty, performance lows in academics and self-confidence, anger issues & emotional distress just to name a few. A full-time counsellor is available on campus to ensure holistic emotional wellness to those who seek it.
  • Motivating the students to improve their personality through career development courses and programs, creating awareness about duties and responsibilities to become good citizens, and Extending help to the similar activities of other colleges and universities.
  • Disseminating the information regarding various academic programs on the campus.
  • Guiding the students in selecting the right path, Providing access to the internet facilities.

Students Welfare Bureau

The objectives of the Students Welfare Bureau are:

  • Providing a conducive atmosphere to strengthen the teaching-learning process,
  • Student-teacher relationship, peer group relationship, etc.,
  • Creating Talented Student Task Force
  • Publishing Newsletters
  • Conducting Literary Activities
  • Organizing Cultural Events and University Festivals
  • Conducting University Fairs and Meets
  • Conducting Education and Industrial Tours
  • Creating a sense of community service through participation,
  • Felicitating Meritorious Students.