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Research Programs / Projects for Industries or Foreign Agencies

Dr H S Saini  Ambient air quality monitoring system with IoT  System utilizes highly accurate electrochemical sensors with appropriate data acquisition system providing connectivity to cloud  Real-time environment parameters such as SOX,  NOX, MERCAPTANS, OZONE, VOC’S CO2,CO etc.,  M/S Spectrochem Industries Pvt Ltd., Hayatnagar, Hyderabad 
Dr R K Singh Low visibility driver assistive system  System employs LIDAR like device with mm wave collision detection system for low visibility condition  Avoid  accidents during low visibility on  road   M/S

Kwality Photonics Pvt Ltd, Kusaiuda Hyderabad

Dr Pamela Chawla Food Safety /adulteration monitor with cloud connectivity  Small hand held spectrophotometer with discrete wavelength for analyzing food adulteration and cloud reporting  Monitoring and preventing  Food  adulteration GNES, Hyderabad 
Dr S V Ranganayakulu Quality assurance of Aero -space and Nuclear grade materials through advanced NDT techniques  Defense, Aerospace and Industrial applications  Development of  methodology for quality assurance of weld-ments  M/S SMRJ engineering Pvt Ltd, Kukatpalli, Hyderabad