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Research & Innovations by GNES

Guru Nanak Educational Society (GNES) which is the sponsor of Guru Nanak University along with its constituted colleges has the tradition of developing innovative products in multiple areas of research through sponsored projects.   

As on date, the Institute run by the society has more than 121 Ph.Ds. on  its rolls as faculty members, specialized in a wide range of Technologies contributing to allied areas of Research in its growth as their routine. The areas do include Signal processing, Digital Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, MIMO Wireless Networks, VLSI, DSP/DIP, GIS & Remote Sensing Data Mining, Network Security, Mobile Computing, Information and Communication, Dielectric Resonator Filter, Production Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Machine Design & Industrial Metallurgy, Hydrogeology, Geotechnical Engineering, Management, Pharmaceutics etc. 

In addition, more than 100 faculty members, who are pursuing Ph.D in the emerging Technologies, support the Society. The topics include Image and Video Processing, Embedded Systems, Cognitive Radio Networks, Medical Image Processing, Bio-Medical Image Processing, Power Quality, Smart Grid Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy, Water Resource Engineering, Construction Management, Applied Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and many other fields. 

GNES Faculty as on date has completed 22 Research Promotion Scheme (RPS) / Projects funded by various Government funding organizations on different research areas. The areas include  Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Nano Fluids, Cancer Chemo-prevention with Dietary Photochemical area, Network Security, Remote Sensing and GIS, Study on Spatial Variations in Urban areas. Areas like Heat Transfer Study using Nano Fluids, Data Mining Tools and Quality Improvement of Injection Modelling, Bio-Diesel Blends are also included.  CAD system based on Image Fusion to detect the Tumours, Heat and Mass Transfer Problems in MHD Flows, Finite Element Analysis of Heat Sources, Microwave Assisted Synthesis, Formulating Pharmaceutical Dosage Form, Skill Development Programs by Central Government. Studies on Micro financial Industry, Speech Synthesis Mobile APP, Synthesis and Biological Screening, Metal Organic Framework, Novel Synthesis Methods in Pharmaceuticals have been covered. 

GNES has established 13 Research Centers in 28,000 Sq. Mts. to promote Research in the Educational Sector with the comprehensive participatory support of Students and Faculty.

These Centers are specialty domains with equal opportunity across the Organization irrespective of the traditional administrative boundaries. The listing is as under. Center for Non-Destructive Evaluation (CNDE), SAE BAJA, GO-KART, Coding and Code Optimization, Solar Power Research Center, Center for Robotic Innovation, Center for Excellence for Advanced Robotics support mechanical, Electrical and communication students. Embedded Systems, Big Data Center, 3D Printing Innovation Center, Geometrics Center, Computational Civil Engineering, Mobile Application Development Center are for Computer science, Information technology and communication students. Center for Innovation in Internet of Things (IOT), Red Hat Academy (RHA) Cloud Center – 1, Red Hat Academy (RHA) Cloud Center are for computer and communications students. Innovation Product Development Center (IPDC) and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) are common to all students of the campus. These research centers are collaborated with industry and supported by Organizations such as Red Hat; Vajra Soft Inc, CA, USA; Innovacer Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad; Strom International Group Pvt. Ltd. (SIG), Australia; Kwality Photonics Pvt. Ltd.; Spectro-chem Instruments Pvt. Ltd.; AICTE; DST SERO, and others.