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IT Centre


Rapid digital innovation is significantly disrupting all aspects of higher education, fundamentally changing how Universities operate. The impact of this disruption is necessarily transformative, requiring us to build digital capability throughout the University.

Students and staff now expect personalized digital experiences, whether in their learning, teaching, research, or administrative services, that are equivalent to those they are experiencing in their day-to-day work.


We are committed to achieving the University’s vision, mission, and strategic priorities by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologies to facilitate Networking and Internet services and solutions for the Teaching, Research, and Governance goals of the University.


Uninterrupted 24*7 Internet and Wi-Fi Connectivity throughout the University for the availability of Web resources for research, teaching, and administration.

Key priorities

  • Create scalable, authentic, flexible, and personalized learning experiences for our students so that all students, regardless of physical or virtual location.
  • Exploit emergent technologies to drive research excellence.
  • Provide scalable, personalized, mobile, anywhere anytime digitally-enabled services to students and staff.
  • Deliver systems and infrastructure that are secure, scalable, and sustainable, whilst maximizing the innovative use of technology for academic excellence, and the student experience.
  • Treat information as a strategic asset in support of the University.

Student Digital Experience

Students will be able to maximize learning opportunities and work across a merging virtual and physical campus – a digital campus – using a personalized digital workspace. A mobile-first philosophy will support learning and engagement anywhere and at any time, bringing the classroom to the student. Immersive technologies and virtual computer laboratories in conjunction with digitally enabled teaching spaces will enhance the learning experience and program delivery.

GNU’s Digital Vision

The University’s reputation as a university of influence in teaching, learning, and research will be underpinned by the innovative exploitation of emergent digital opportunities.

In placing our students first, their experience is enhanced by using rich data analytics to personalize their learning journey and their access to digitally enhanced services. Technology at GNU is a cornerstone for innovative academic program delivery.

The research is enhanced through the seamless connection of researchers, data, tools, and support services. Access to the University’s research outputs enriches our teaching and our students’ learning while extending the role that GNU plays in benefitting society.

Guru Nanak University uses technology to deliver digital services, systems, and efficient processes that supports access to the resources from any device, anytime and anywhere, with personalization.