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General Secretary

Sardar Gagandeep Singh Kohli, General Secretary of Guru Nanak University is the backbone of the organisation.
It is not easy to teach in today’s times. But thankfully we have the ideals and principles of our gurus to fall back on. I personally feel education is a powerful weapon and in a country like India which gives importance to formal and higher education, we have initiated a small service through our Guru Nanak University. It is our humble attempt to provide education opportunities to students of all communities in India. I am proud to say that we, not only, have created a prestigious learning hub in the cultural city of Hyderabad but also a center where international students also come to study.

We have invested their capital in getting the best and capable teachers and expert professors. They mentor and churn out the students to become professionals of the highest order realizing their full potential. We all worked hard to reach the present stage of prominence due to honest efforts of the stakeholders. We all have worked hard to reach this stage where success lies in a combined journey. We have stressed on the importance of education in many fields where the focus is on making values rather than just gaining knowledge. It is this foundation that makes our society mature.

Our teachers, visiting faculty and students make lasting memories. We have moved from darkness into light. The flame of fire was lit to make our future bright with the best degrees.
Once you enter this University for higher studies, be assured that you will leave with the confidence to change the world having the most potent weapon – Right Education.