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Faculty of Engineering


The Faculty of Engineering is the biggest flagship program compendium at the University. 

It comprises  the following Departments offering nineteen programs:

  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

The Faculty is one of the best in the region with highly qualified and motivated faculty members with excellent academic, research and development track record who are appointed  from across the country on merit through a robust selection process.  The overall development which includes soft skills and analytical training, internships, product development will build engineers with best  leadership and technical skills required by the industries and the corporate world in the contemporary scenario. The graduates will develop into experts at innovation leading to the design, production of prototypes, their trials and further induction in industry or marketing turning out into entrepreneurs with practical startups.

Guru Nanak university has already developed eleven centers of excellence including Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Advance Robotics, Embedded systems, Solar Application, Vehicle Design, Non-Destructive Testing, Mobile Computing, Big Data Center, Red Hat Academy for Cloud Computing, UA/ AX, 3D printing, Geomatics, Computational Civil Engineering, Innovation Product Development Center, etc., to promote the culture of innovation and research among the staff and students.

The Engineering curriculum is highly flexible, outcome-based, innovative, following a choice-based credit system in tune with the latest development of technologies from the world. 


Department of Computer Science & Engineering


The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is offering undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs. 

The Department has eight state-of-the-art Computer Laboratories each with 66 Compaq Dual Core systems of high-end configuration and one laptop lab of 30 systems with the latest configuration and Wifi connectivity. The department boasts of an additional lab of 30 systems exclusively for M. Tech students. There are three high-end servers of HP PROLIANT series in addition to the Window server and Linux server catering to the intranet and web needs of not only the department but the whole university.

The department already has a highly motivated R&D team in collaboration with some of the top research-based organizations. The research could be implemented as fund-based projects from government/ private industry. The department aims at working on consultancy-based projects from industry, corporate and the research institutes from across the globe. 

Apart from the regular course on Computer Science Engineering the following specialized courses are also being offered:

  • B.Tech – CSE (Artificial Intelligence)
  • B.Tech – CSE (Data Sciences)
  • B.Tech – Computer Networking / Cloud Computing
  • B.Tech – CSE (Cyber Security)
  • B.Tech – CSE (Internet of    Things)
  • M.Tech – Artificial Intelligence
  • M.Tech – Data Sciences
  • M.Tech – Cyber Security
  • M.Tech – Machine Learning

MS(CS)-Master of Science in Computer Science ( The students who enroll get an opportunity to study the first year at Guru Nanak University and the second year, of the course, can be studied in a foreign university).

Department of Information Technology


Department of Information Technology offers a four-year B. Tech programme in Information Technology and MS(ITM)- Master of Science in Information Technology  Management.

The department has six state-of-the-art computer laboratories for IT Workshop, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Advanced Data Structures, DBMS, Computer Networks, Mobile Application Development and Advanced English Communication Skills. The students are trained to be responsive for the ever-changing IT work-force needs.  

The university has industry-academy collaboration with Adobe Creative Technology Academy and Red Hat Academy for students.

The department strives to build a highly motivated R&D team in collaboration with some of the top research-based organizations. With a specific emphasis on emerging technologies, empirical mode of learning, outcome-based education following CBCS the programme ensures that students effectively meet the highest benchmarks of competence required by the industry, and turn out to be entrepreneurs.

Department of Electronics & Communication


The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, B. Tech – ECE (Internet of Things) and Masters in ECE (Signal Processing & VLSI Technology). 

The department emphasizes outcome-based education imparted to the students. They are consistently provided with opportunities, to upgrade their technical knowledge, and develop skills that make them readily employable, qualified for higher education or develop them as strong entrepreneurs.

The teaching faculty is actively engaged in research, and they published papers in National/ International conference proceedings/Journals. As a part of the curriculum, industrial visits are arranged for students. Special soft skills, aptitude and technical training sessions are organized as a part of the regular curriculum to make them excel in their career. The classrooms are spacious with the provision of LCD projectors for conducting e-lectures to make learning a better experience. The department has well established and well-equipped laboratories for students’ technical pursuit.


Faculty members are being constantly encouraged to develop themselves by participating in various FDPs, conferences, workshops, publications, R & D activities and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). 

Students are also made industry-ready through various training sessions, regular company internships, mini and major projects.

Department of Electrical and Electronics


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering offers 4 years B.Tech Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and M-Tech in EEE (Energy Systems).

The Department has state-of-the-art laboratories with the latest equipment, advanced versions of software and demo units. The laboratories are developed in consultation with the Industry and Academic experts to provide an industrial environment along with the University curriculum. . The faculty is specialized in the areas of Power Electronics, Power Systems, Energy Systems, Instrumentation and Control Systems to provide excellent knowledge in the core subjects.

The Department regularly organizes Faculty Development Programmes, Seminars, Industrial visits and Expert lectures from Industry and Research Institutions to mould enthusiastic students into excellent engineers, while exposure to the latest technologies fosters creativity and independent thinking in the students. The Board of Studies (BOS) of the department has taken care to accommodate the latest technologies such as Railway Tractions, controls and automation, utilization of natural sources for power generation, etc., to meet the requirement of out-come based education, with CBCS for skill development in the students. They are industry-ready and also have skill sets to become entrepreneurs.  

Department of Mechanical Engineering


The department of Mechanical Engineering offers undergraduate programs in Mechanical Engineering, and 3D Printing and Design and postgraduate programs in Robotics, CAD and Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

The prime objective of the department is to give a sound foundation of the concepts of Mechanical Engineering, advance understanding and application of core principles. The curriculum integrates soft skills, communication skills and advanced technologies to achieve the holistic development of the students. The students are offered courses like 3D printing, Robotics & Industrial Robotics, CAD, Automation, automobile design, NanoTechnology, etc., to equip them with the latest technologies for employment and entrepreneurship. 

Majority of the faculty members are actively involved in research activities in the fields of their specialization. They have published a good number of research papers in International / National Journals and International / National Conferences. The faculty in the department interact closely with industry enabling the graduates to compete successfully not only at the national level but also at the global level.

Department of Civil Engineering


The Department of Civil Engineering offers B Tech in Civil Engineering and M. Tech in Construction Engineering and Management and Computer-Aided Structural Engineering . 

The department is fully equipped with functional laboratories and all other lab infrastructure and equipment to meet the highest academic requirements. The faculty of the department continues to strive hard for the all-round progress and development of the students. Civil Engineering Students Association actively conducts co-curricular and extracurricular activities to update technical skills in different fields of civil engineering and other soft skills for all-round development and groom the personality of the students.

The Board of Studies (BOS) of the department has taken care to accommodate the latest technologies in Geomatics, computational civil structures, 3D printing and non-destructive testing, etc., to meet the requirements of out-come based education, with CBCS for the skill development of students. 

The students are made industry ready and also develop skill sets to become entrepreneurs.