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Faculty of Commerce and Management


The Commerce & Management Faculty at Guru Nanak University strives to stand out in research, course development and pedagogy. We help the students to develop their vision and the skills to achieve knowledge and skill required for the field. The students will develop leadership skills and business concepts from faculty members, peer groups from around the globe, and experts of the industry. 

Financial Reporting and Analysis and Management Accounting consist of two broad areas, i.e., Unit Research, Course Development and Teaching. Research gives a scope to the scholars and educators to understand the best practices for design and use of performance measurement systems, that assist managers in building more effective and value-creating organizations. The students are facilitated, in bringing their research into classroom practice with the assistance of the external investors to ensure that the securities of their firms are reasonably valued and to build the capital. Special emphasis is laid on the measurement and evaluation of the economic performance of the firm to improve resource allocation and strategy implementation, and to build accountability for performance through effective external and internal administration.

Department of Management


The world is changing rapidly and profoundly; uncertainty has become the norm, and challenges have emerged on a global scale. Businesses have the ability and the duty to answer these challenges. This conviction is deeply rooted in Guru Nanak University’s DNA. It resonates in our mission: to bring together people, cultures and ideas to develop responsible leaders who transform business and society. The Guru Nanak University Master in Management (MIM) is a continuation of this mission with the running of the following programmes:

  • BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BTTM- Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management               
  • BFIA – Bachelor of Financial Investment and Analysis
  • MBA –HR/ Marketing / Finance
  • MBA – Digital Marketing
  • MBA – International Business
  • MBA – Logistics & Supply 
  •  MBA – Block Chain Management
  • MBA – Foreign Trade
  • PGDBM- Business Entrepreneurship

This 24-month programme has an innovative learning approach with an applied problem-solving orientation. It aims to empower the next generation of well-rounded, agile-thinking and innovative individuals who are ready to make a positive impact in today’s society. You will learn from award-winning faculty and industry experts, interact with classmates from all over the world, travel across continents and gain access to global career opportunities. The Guru Nanak University MIM is more than a programme; it is a journey that starts with who you are and leads to what you want to achieve.

Everyone here at Guru Nanak University has something unique to contribute; be it culture, experience, expertise or personality. Together we form a global community, ready to make an impact on the world.  A special course PBMA- Professional Master in Business Administration (HR /Marketing/Finance), is run in collaboration with a foreign university with the first year at GNU and second year at a foreign University with credit transfer.

Department of Commerce


The Department offers Master of Commerce (M.Com.), a two-year course. It also offers specialization in most relevant areas such as Business Management and Banking Finance. The Department considers the need for Computer education with computer subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It has the credit of offering a perfect blend of Information Technology with core subjects in Commerce in such an inseparable fashion that use of computers by faculty and students is made indispensable while learning. Further, the department introduces a computer and commerce lab as a part of the curriculum and assessment to expose the students to the practical knowledge and environment. The Department provides instruction for three-year courses in

  • B.Com
  • B.Com – Computer Application
  • B.Com – Taxation
  • B.Com – Accounts & Finance 
  • B.Com – International Business
  • B.Com (Hons)

The department also offers M. Com, a two-year course.

The department has well-established faculty members drawn from a team of experts from academia and industry. The Department of Commerce develops students who can create their image in this world of competition. Internship and experiential learning with a focus on outcome-based education is the motto of the Department. We focus on training the undergraduate, postgraduate students and researchers to become entrepreneurs and develop startups along with providing them with good jobs with high pay packages.