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Faculty of Arts


The Faculty of Art offers graduate & postgraduate programs in fields of Journalism & Mass Communication, Film and TV Production and Professional Photography. The students are molded into professionals in these most enduring and challenging fields. At GNU, emerging graduates are provided with the tools they need to express themselves in meaningful ways as per the social context in which they live and work.

The department attracts gifted and motivated students who thrive in an environment that encourages autonomy. The students are given job-related training with media channels and TV production companies for practical exposure and internships. They are motivated for experiential learning with the experts so that they can pick up the intricate things in their profession. The faculty at the university is highly creative, innovative and experienced to develop the students for employment, further studies and entrepreneurs.

The students are exposed to their work environment through field trips and simulation for TV production and photography. The students are always in the guidance of a team of external experts from the profession.