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Director University Institute of Science and Applied Arts

The University Institute of Science and Applied Arts (UISA) strives to fulfill its objective of delivering the greatest learning, teaching, and research possibilities to students and academicians alike, and it continues to provide students with the fundamentals of current knowledge and high ideals. Our faculty’s research activities result in an incredible enrichment of our students’ experiences, which is realised at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Our graduate students receive research training, ensuring that the next generation of researchers is well-prepared to develop knowledge and transfer technology. The expansion of research opportunities to a growing number of undergraduate students provides a depth of experience to undergraduate education that cannot be replicated in the classroom. Our students learn both the delight and the rigours of fresh discovery, as well as investigation, evaluation, and communication skills that will serve them well in their future vocations and lives. Domestically, regionally, and internationally, students’ creativity, collaborative effort, and competition thrive. As it continues to attract students and teachers, UISA remains committed to the concept of academic independence and fosters cultural diversity. I urge you to seize this fantastic opportunity and join us in our efforts to actively contribute to the overall improvement of our increasingly globalised society.