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Director University Institute of Architecture and Design

At the UIAD, we believe that the primary objective of architecture (as opposed to building, in a restricted sense) is to anticipate, provoke, and challenge rather than to answer, respond, or serve. Architecture sets the stage for how people, objects, events, and surroundings can be linked or separated, and it does so using a variety of design mediums, including drawing and writing, pictures and codes, buildings and plans, goods and polemics, and formal arrangements of matter and energy. Rather than simply confirming our present identities, architecture at its best permits us to transform into something new by creating new modes of interaction. Architecture is one of the most powerful disciplines of world-making available, according to its distinctive historical and contemporary processes and forms of knowledge. At the UIAD, we aspire to be on the cutting edge of developments that will allow the smartest and brightest students to explore entrepreneurial endeavours, lead creative terms, and accelerate innovation. Our goal with design research is to create healthy, sustainable communities, enhance building technology, and connect our research with industry to provide new economic opportunities for inhabitants of our country, state, region, and beyond.