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BCA – Artificial Intelligence

Program Details

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide notion that refers to intelligent machines’ ability to perform tasks that would typically need human intelligence. The BCA in Artificial Intelligence is a non-medical three-year undergraduate degree programme. The primary goal of artificial intelligence is to programme computers to solve problems using example data or expertise. Students are taught a variety of computer science languages that can be used to interact with computers to fulfill various tasks. Among the languages covered are HTML, Python, Java, and Prolog. The BCA in Artificial Intelligence is designed to help students create intelligent gadgets, computer software, or apps by combining machine learning and artificial intelligence. This course assists in the creation of intelligent solutions in a variety of domains.

Career prospects:

Because artificial intelligence is becoming a more widely used and expanding form of technology, AI specialists are in greater demand than ever. The good news is that the AI professional area offers a wide range of job options, allowing you to take on various tasks and responsibilities based on the position, your expertise, and your interests. Financial services, healthcare, technology, media, marketing, government and military, national security, IoT-enabled systems, agriculture, gaming, retail, and other industries all require qualified AI specialists.

 Eligibility criterion:

Passed 10+2 examination