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Mr. Amit Bhalla (Assistant Director – International Admissions)

The international admission cell has even an Arabic translator to make the students from Middle east comfortable to communicate. The special efforts are taken to provide the students with necessary dictionaries of sciences in their native languages to english.

We are proud to conduct various seminars for the benefit of the students periodically as also regular yearly sports event called GNI – ASA football tournament in association with the African Students Association Telangana. The yearly graduation ceremony of the ASA has been done in our campus for the last 3 years and so will be in this year also.

He is ably supported by the 10 member admissions team.

S.No Name Designation Email Id Phone Photo
1 Jasvinder Singh Osahan Senior Manager-Admissions 8096621000
2 Mr. Vijay Sagar Dekka Manager Admissions 8008295551
3 Mr. A. V. Rameshwar Rao Manager Admissions 8096613000
4 Mr. Abhishek Kumar Manager Admissions 8498011000
5 Mr. Pravin Kumar Sah Manager Admissions 8919169223
6 Mrs.Kendiliu R. Buragohain Manager Admissions 6001806568
7 Mr. Ankit Dubey Manager Admissions 8839002144
8 Mr. Ravi Pratap Singh Manager Admissions 8096621000
9 Mr. D. Naresh Admissions Officer 8096616000
10 Mr. Sangi. Ramesh Admission Officer 8096615000
11 Mr. L. Aravind Admission Officer – Africa 8096635000
12 Jatinder Kaur Randhawa PRO 9700579892