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Admissions Team

Amit Kumar Bhalla working as Assistant Director Admissions/PR is in-charge for overall admission, marketing and counseling of the students India and abroad. His vision is to increase the student diversity in the Campus.

He takes special care of these students by way of being in constant touch and answers their queries and ensures that all the students are satisfied with the facilities.

Amit Balla
(Assistant Director Admissions / Public Relations)

Mobile: +91 80966 09823

He is ably supported by the following admissions team.

S.No Name Designation Email Id Phone Photo
1 Jasvinder Singh Osahan Senior Manager-Admissions 8096621000
2 Subasa chandra misra Senior Manager-Admissions 8498011000
3 A. V. Rameshwar Rao Manager Admissions 8096613000
4 Pravin Kumar Sah Manager Admissions 8919169223
5 Kendiliu R. Buragohain Manager Admissions 6001806568
6 Sangi. Ramesh Admission Officer 8096615000
7 L. Aravind PRO 9966415751
8 Jayanthi nimker Admission counsellor 8008295550
9 Mohammed Basheer International Admission Manager 8096614000